Thursday, September 29, 2005

Rummage sale raises $6,925 for Katrina relief

Published in the Current

SCARBOROUGH (Sep 29, 2005): The "Rummage for Relief II" yard sale raised $6,925 for the American Red Cross efforts for Hurricane Katrina relief Saturday, earning $3,925 in cash and donations. A local business that prefers to remain anonymous is matching $3,000 of the amount raised.

Organizer Carrie Callahan, on whose lawn the sale took place, said her garage was full of donated items for sale on Thursday, and Friday morning brought more carloads and truckloads of items.

The main sale was held Saturday, but on Sunday "it still looked like a full tag sale," because there was so much stuff, Callahan said.

She said some people took advantage of the opportunity to pass on more generosity. One woman came from elsewhere in Maine, arriving late Saturday. She bought eight boxes of books several bicycles, to give to children in her hometown, Callahan said.

Many of the leftover items were donated to local charities, including homeless shelters and a shelter for single mothers. The remaining donated items – mostly furniture – will be given to the Salvation Army, Callahan said.